Visit Luang Prabang

People come to Laos to experience and explore the beautiful ethnic villages, great scenery, and the millions of pockets of tradition littered across the country.

Elephants, known as the symbol of ancient Laos, are still highly regarded and well cared for in Laos today. This led to Laos being called the "Land of a Million Elephants" by many people all around the world.

In Laos, nature is presented at the peak of its performance, with clear rivers lined with miles of lush greenery. The calm air of the country is stunning, presenting especially busy city dwellers with a whole new world they could never have even dreamed of; one of peace and tranquility.

Flora and fauna invites a nature lover for a rendezvous; the mighty waterfalls and unexplored caves are ideal for an adventurous traveler.

A hidden Shangri-La of culture and tradition, Laos is home to over 68 different ethnic groups. Celebrating over 25 festivals each year, Laos transforms into a city of color and vibrancy.

Over the past 120 years, Laos has struggled greatly to be the gem of Asia it is today. Its diversity and beauty knows no bounds, where the people are friendly, kind and genuine in nature. It was a country colonized by the French in 1893, and remained under French rule till it was granted self ruling in 1946 by the French Union.

Luang Prabang was once the capital of ancient Laos. Currently a scenic city that tourists make a point to visit, Luang Prabang has both natural ad historical sites. Places like the Haw Kham Royal Palace Museum and Wat Xieng Thong Temple attract history and culture buffs, and scenic areas such as the Pak Ou Caves and Kuang Si Falls entice those who long for a peaceful time out away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A beautiful city with vibrant colors and the rich scent of frangipanis, Luang Prabang extends a warm welcome any and all travelers searching for a therapeutic and restful vacation.