Activities To Do

Alms Giving Ceremony

As the sun rises in Luang Prabang around 200 Buddhist monks depart from their various temples to gather their daily meal. The tradition of alms gathering dates back to the 14th century, yet still today locals wake early to prepare the food for the monks and wait quietly by the roadside to give their gifts. This daily ceremony is both peaceful and spiritual and gives you a wonderful opportunity to experience an ancient Lao tradition.

Mekong River Cruise

Dining on the mighty Mekong is to being in Luang Prabang what walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is to being in New York. Essential. To ensure you don't 'miss the boat', we've launched the Nava Mekong, the foremost regular dinner cruise opportunity in the royal capital.

The cruise embarks daily at 5:30 pm and motors downstream to moor near a traditional village where traditional Lao dancers perform age-old sets that include interpretations of the royal ballet, rural life, folk tales and legends. The boat returns at 9 pm.

Widened at the beam to accommodate 10 four-top tables, the traditional Lao river boat also embarks every morning at 10:30 am for a four-hour lunch cruise. During this cruise, the Nava stops at the Pak Ou Caves for adventuring among the 4,000 sacred Buddhist statues and images scattered about the two limestone grottoes.

Cooking Classes in Luang Prabang

Developed a taste for sticky rice? Some of Luang Prabang's best restaurants offer cooking classes sharing their kitchens' best-loved local recipes visitors.

Generally, classes run a full day from morning until dinner and begin with a visit to the fresh market for shopping and an introduction to all the herbs and spices essential to Lao cuisine. Participants then prepare a two-course lunch and a three-course dinner with typical sides of sticky rice and jeowbong (chilli paste). All schools can alter recipes to accommodate vegetarians.

Day class 09:00-15:00, evening class 16:00-20:30

Tamnak Lao
Day class 10:00-17:00, evening class 17:00-19:30 (classes Mon-Sat)

Yoga Classes

Luang Prabang Yoga is a collective of independent yoga teachers who offer yoga in Luang Prabang's most beautiful locations. Together with the students who live or have traveled here, we're a unique yoga community that believes in the connection between nature and yoga.

Luang Prabang Yoga is not a business in itself. It supports various establishments by holding classes, retreats and workshops at different locations around town. As part of their model, they step outside of the yoga studio to practice in places they know you'll remember for a long time. Join them for a picture perfect view of the Nam Khan River or soak in a sunset Mekong yoga session. Luang Prabang Yoga's community of teachers and students has grown beyond the borders of Laos and to become a truly global entity. Spread the love by supporting independent teachers and Luang Prabang businesses!

Class Schedule

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