MyLaoHome foundation is always looking for motivated community minded people to get involved in providing assistance to the local community of Luang Prabang.
We actively recce and search for places where help is utmost needed:
1. Infrastructure projects for underprivileged schools or Villages
 (Dormitories, classrooms, toilets, kitchen, wells, water tanks and other facilitates)
2. Healthcare projects
 (Gift of Sight, Water sanitation, Hygiene etc)
3. Educational and donations to the most needy local communities
 (English lessons, books, stationary, bicycles and clothes etc)
Lastly, we aim to provide all volunteers with a unique local Lao experience through interaction with the local community through sport activities, cooking and sharing of each's culture.
National University Of Singapore (NUS)
Location: Ban Phonesavang
Goal of Project: Build 2 classrooms and english lessons for students from Secondary 1-4
Project leaders: Joanne Cheong, Jia Hui, Mansfield from National University of Singapore
Project facilitators: MyLaoHome
Gift of Sight
Locations: Ban Kok wan, Ban Hak Kharm. Ban Phonesavang
Goal of Project: Provide eye checkup and spectacles to Villagers in the outer regions of Luang Prabang, Total of more than 1000 spectacles given out over the course of 14 days. 
Projects Leaders: Singapore Polytechnic
Project facilitators: MyLaoHome


Cresent Girls Primary School
Location: Disabled School of Luang Prabang
Goal of Project: Educational trip for 40 students to assist the school for painting and farming.
Project leaders: Cresent girls primary school Singapore
Project facilitators: MyLaoHome
Location: Ban Pak Leung
Goal of project: 1 toilet and 1 cement court for primary school of Ban Pak Leung
Project leaders: LovePals (A group of friends led by Ong Wee Yeap and Kian Tat chuah
Project Facilitators: MyLaoHome



Location: Ban Kok Wan
Goal of Project: Water Tank for the VIllage of Ban Kok Wan
Project leaders: YMCA Singapore and Singapore Polytechnic
Project facilitators: MyLaoHome


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